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How do you know if Career Coaching will help you?

Hiring a coach is an investment in your personal development to get you closer to reaching your goals and will enhance your life.

Some of the common questions to ask yourself are:

· Do you have obstacles that are holding you back in your work?

These can be large or small – some of the most common obstacles I find with women are a lack of self confidence in terms of putting themselves forward (men will apply for a job if they only meet 60% requirements, whereas most women will only apply if they meet them all). Public speaking and communicating your message effectively can also be another obstacle (body language is key here as it accounts for 55% of your message). Another common obstacle is moving roles or moving to the next level – key here is to dig deep into where you are now in terms of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and your personal brand and look at aligning that to where you want to get to a creating a step by step plan.

· Do YOU know your potential but feel like it’s being wasted?

According to Maslow, self actualisation is something we are all striving to get to. Knowing your potential and that not resonating with others can be truly disheartening.

· Is your career passing you by and you don’t feel like you are making the decisions?

It is common to feel like decisions are made for you in the workplace – your remit being expanded, being put forward for a new role etc. Taking back control is key to aligning our career with what we want our lives to look like.

· Has lockdown made you think differently about the life you want to live and the career that enables that?

2020 has seen a huge amount of uncertainty. Corona virus has taken loved ones and caused the world to completely lockdown. Amidst the despair and darkness, there have been small saplings of positivity. Things that were originally seen as ‘part of life’ (endless socialising, shopping, commuting) has now been turned on its head and people are now starting to see there may be a different way to life. There will be parts of lockdown that many people would like to keep, even when the world goes back to normal. Spending time in nature, spending time with family, cooking, exercising etc.

· Do you want tools and techniques tailored to you that you can continue to use time and time again?

The exercises that you do with a coach will be tailored to your needs and want you want to get out of the coaching process. NLP (Neuro Liguistic Programming) tools and techniques focuses on re-framing our language, behaviour and thinking in order to be successful. Coaching is not just one and done. You can come back to these tools time and time again and continually look to better yourself.

· Do you want guidance and the space to focus on what you want with a career expert who will cheerlead you every step of the way?

Working with a coach will allow you uninterrupted space to delve into and discover answers and ideas that you haven’t had the time or energy to look into. Paying for coaching is a contract in itself and an outcome of that is the motivation to make the most of your time. Working with someone who has extensive career expertise and will ask questions you won’t have even thought of yourself is vital to getting to the root of an issue or problem and looking at how things can be done differently.

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