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Showing up as a COACH

Showing up as a coach is about creating a safe space for your clients to explore their dreams and visions. We get so caught up in the day to day minutiae of life that we rarely take a step back to breathe and think – what do you really want to get out of life?

I’ve explored this questions with multiple clients recently and many of them have struggled to answer it. That’s not always because they don’t know the answer, it’s because they are scared of what would happen if they say it out loud. The fear of saying out loud the truth that they hold within themselves, stops them from getting closer to that end vision and clouds their judgement along the way.

Showing up as a coach is about helping people to feel comfortable in speaking their truth. The truth about how they want to live their life, what they want to be working on, where they want to get to in their career and life. Fostering an environment for dreaming and ‘what ifs’ is one of my favourite things about being a coach (read this to find out more)

My client’s come to me feeling unsure. Unsure what they need help on and whether a career and business coach is the key for them. What they do know is that something doesn’t feel right. There is a niggle, there that is itchy enough to want to scratch and delve deeper into why they are feeling the way they are. They come to me with questions and after spending time delving into the depths of their wants and desires they end up answering some of those questions.

Showing up as a coach is about helping clients to lean in to that discomfort and to help understand what is causing it. Underneath that discomfort will be some of the answers that they are looking for.

Showing up as a coach is about helping clients find the answers WITHIN THEMSELVES. There is no rule book to success, no quick path where you can bypass the hardships along the way. Knowing that we hold the answers to our problems is a blessing in some sense but also a curse – as there is no quick win to unlocking it.

Showing up as a coach is something I am constantly looking to improve on and I am so grateful to be a part of helping to unlock the questions to why we are feeling stuck, unhappy, discontent.

So I will pose the question to you – What do you really want to get out of your life?

If this question makes you feel scared and you’d like to explore it further with someone who really cares and is committed to help unlocking the answer then please contact me here. I have a few spaces available for my ‘Level up your Career’ coaching packages in August.

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