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What things could you work through with a Career Coach?

There are multiple reasons to why you would want to work with a Career Coach; the things I work through with my clients completely vary and are unique to each individual who work in the private, public sector and run their own businesses.

I work with a variety of clients; from graduates who have just started in the workplace, to people looking to accelerate their career, women who are looking to do something different now they have a young family and people who are looking to completely pivot their career. The core theme with my clients is they are looking to redefine their own version of success. Success in our western society today looks like money, progression and a family. However, that version of success doesn’t have to be yours. What would it look like to define your own version? What would that feel like? We are only on this planet for a short time so we need to make it count. Working towards someone else’s version of success is not going to cut it! And you will end up despondent and unhappy. I want you to feel invigorated by your life, to feel excited for what’s next!

Some things my clients want to work through are HUGE – “I want to completely pivot my career from the corporate world to running my own business but I don't have a clue what I want to do?!”. Now that is an exciting one to work through, with SO many possibilities. It’s also one that I have first-hand experience on and know the rollercoaster of emotions involved: fear, excitement, hope, scared! It also is the best thing I ever did, so I am always routing for people that want to go down a different path!

Balance is a common theme I work through with clients. Sometimes it feels like it is always outside of our reach, but we are still trying to pursue it. I think the current lockdown we are in has given people time (and energy) to really think about what they want out of life and how they want to live their lives. I think this has proven, that you can work and play AND still be successful and good at your job. I think happiness is built on a foundation of balance across all areas of our lives – I don’t think we ever get true balance, but I do think we can make the scales much more measured.

Other things I work through with corporate clients are related to how to progress in the workplace and exceed their potential

· How to I improve my executive presence?

· How can I improve my confidence in the workplace compared to my male peers, its holding me back? (Women sadly seem to suffer with confidence issues compared to men – I think this stems back from society teaching us to be small. When we try to break out of that box and demand more for our lives we are then hit with the doubt!)

· How do I go about creating and sustaining a network that support me to meet my goals?

· How do I create career goals and an action plan to meet them?

· How do I get a new job or promotion?

These may seem quite specific, but what we work through ends up seeping into other areas of their lives. The change that comes with that is phenomenal

If coaching is something that interests you then check out what it looks like to work with me

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