Don't just take my word for it, see what my past clients have said!

"She's a great coach who guided me through this journey with passion and enthusiasm, and she's been always supportive and encouraging. The work we did together truly helped me in overcoming self-confidence issues, and provided me with the tools to keep shaping my career and my future. I would definitely work with her again!" - Serena

"Highly recommend Emily after a life changing 1.1 coaching session. After only one session I felt more focused, confident and capable to achieve my career goals than ever before. A lovely follow up email and check in after the session too for an extra personal touch. I will definitely be booking in another session when I need to refocus and reflect with a skilled coach again! Thank you Emily" - April

"Emily is an amazing coach. I recently worked with Emily on a 30 day program. I found her approach and the energy she brings into the sessions really refreshing and insightful. The work I did with Emily definitely gave me a reality check and has propelled me into a journey of self-discovery. I am using this to have better balance in all areas of my life. Definitely recommend Emily's coaching services for anyone looking to transform their work/life." - Soumya

"it was very helpful to have someone else walking me through this exercise. I could have done it myself, but I don’t think I would have pulled as much value out of it as I did without your help—you had fabulous suggestions and you also kept pushing me to be more specific, which really helped me 1.) visualize what this future was like and how it would truly benefit
me, and 2.) determine a measurable and actionable end goal" - Hannah

“…taught me the value of actionable development plans, how to plan and execute on personal goals, and how to confidently self advocate. Her influence has truly been invaluable in my ongoing career progression!” – Becky

“Emily’s coaching style focuses on allowing you to find the successful person within. She is a positive, pragmatic person who has helped me more than I could ever thank her for” – Marisa

“I can’t speak highly enough of her leadership and coaching skills” - Milan

"As someone new to Development planning my coaching was invaluable, through the process I learn to focus on my key strengths and opportunities and how this fits into the wider external context of corporate life. For the first time in my career I have a development plan I can stand by and feel confident in working on development with my team

My coaching helped me understand Career & Development planning is about what I want not what others think I should be.  This was key to taking ownership of the process and truly understanding my own feelings and motivations and has resulted in significant and meaningful improvements

Through exploration we worked on developing a personal brand that I can take forward in my professional life, the process has given me confidence in talking about who I am and what I offer in a corporate environment

Through our sessions I learnt that my perception of myself is not what others see, the work done on personal branding has helped me explore my values and what I believe in and understand how I can act to project myself in a way I want others to see me

As a new leader I felt a fake and at times overwhelmed, Emily helped me understand the pressure I was feeling was internal and the triggers associated with this, through coaching I learnt how to recognize and emphasise my strengths as a leader as well as determine and prioritize areas that are important to address" - Nik